Exercise Variations // Letters to the Church Review

Happy Friday!  Welcome to the Iron Made Gym Newsletter.  Our goal with this production is to share information with our unique community that will help you reach your goals.

This week we implemented a couple of exercise variations I want to share with you:
Using the 4way hip machine for shoulder side delt raise.  Keep your arm at a slight angle when doing this exercise.  


Chest supported dumbbell rear delt fly.  By using the bench to support your chest, lower body drive it taken out of the motion.  Focus on engaging traps and squeezing shoulder blades together first, then engage your rear delts.  


Using the earthquake bar for military shoulder press.  We used this as our main pressing exercise on shoulder day and performed 5 x 10.  To help maintain stability, grip the bar extremely hard and focus on bending the bar or pulling it apart.


Let us know how you like these variations!
I recently finished the book Letters to the Church by Francis Chan.  Here were some points worth noting:

-Voices are plentiful; followers are not.  Strong opinions are applauded, humility is not.

-Slow down long enough to marvel.

-Don’t try to solve the mystery; just stare at it.

-Paul explained that God’s temple is sacred, and we – collectively –are that temple.  Every time you speak evil about a member of the Church, it is like taking a sledgehammer to the temple.  Are you sure you want to do that?

-Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that you are part of an eternal plan?  Your existence didn’t begin at conception.  You began in the mind of God before the foundation of this earth.

-It is imperative that we differentiate between what we want and what God commands.

-Too often we have given people what they ask for rather than what they need.

-If the sheep don’t hear his voice, let them walk away.  Don’t call out with your own voice.

-We pursue what we want; then we make sure there are no biblical commands we are violating.  In essence, we want to know what God will tolerate rather than what He desires.

-If you can accomplish your church’s mission without daily, passionate prayer, then your mission is insufficient and your church is irrelevant.

-Biblical unity is achieved not by overlooking sin but through firm pruning, which can lead to repentance.

-We have to stop viewing church leaders as people who minister to us.  God clearly explained their role.  
It was not to coddle you but to equip you.  Think personal trainer, not massage therapist.

-Turn around and look.  If there is no one following you, something is wrong with your life.

-There are millions of people in our country who call themselves Christians because they believe the Christian life is about admiring Christ’s example, not realizing it is a call to follow it.

-This is what separates Christians from the rest of the world.  We suffer because we love people, even our enemies.

-Are you known for being ridiculously joyful?
 “You can’t fully mature without being attacked.” 
― Francis Chan

Until next time Iron Made Community.

With Love,
Kevin Byers

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