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You will need to have an active membership along with the Kisi mobile app or key fob in order to gain access to the building.

Yes! You will be receiving an email during the week of 12/13 that will provide you with temporary access until the end of your current membership term. After that you will need to renew your membership at

No problem! If you do not have a compatible smart phone, we can provide you with a key fob for $5 at

If you are an existing member who has signed up for the new member portal, you will receive a digital key during the week of 12/13, new members will receive their digital key within 10 minutes of purchasing a membership. Digital keys will get emailed from [email protected].

The Kisi app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

By default if you are purchasing a membership with a term of longer than a month, the membership will auto renew. But it can be cancelled anytime at

Yes, as this new system will also be replacing the sign in sheet, we will need everyone to “tap in” in order to accurately track who is coming and going from the gym.

Your digital key should be delivered within 10 minutes of signing up for the member portal. They will be sent from [email protected], please make sure that the email did not go to your spam folder. If you still have not recevied your digital key please submit a ticket at and we will work to resolve your issues ASAP.

Yes, by leveraging your phones location services we can assure the highest security of the gym, by making sure the door is only unlocking while a member is on the premises. But rest assured your data is not being shared with external parties and is only being used when you go to check in at the door.

Depending on the specifications of your phone, you may not need to open the app to “tap in”. Most newer phones have the ability to transmit data over NFC straight from the lock screen. If the reader is not turning green when you tap, you should go ahead and open the Kisi app to resolve the issue.

If you decide you would no longer like to continue your membership at Iron Made Gym, you can cancel anytime. From the link below, you will see your monthly statements and can click to “cancel” on your most recent one and you will not be charged for the following payment period. You will still have access to the gym via the Kisi mobile app until the expiration of your current periods term.

Do you need help canceling your membership? Please Contact Us today!

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