2021 Iron Made Gym Scholarship Award Winners

We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to this year’s Scholarship Winners.
From Mohawk High School, Mr. Cory Brown.  He impressed us with his work ethic, calm yet enthusiastic demeanor, and he was one of the only people to ask questions.  The courage to ask questions is a great attribute.  Children always ask why, we should take a lesson from them and speak up when we do not understand things.  Curiosity in life is something we should always live with.  Congratulations Cory!

From Springfield Local High School, Sarah DeLucia.  She impressed us with advanced interviewing skills, community involvement, and internal drive to push herself beyond comfort zones.  Sarah reminded me ‘Who do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?  What does that person value?  Act accordingly now, reverse engineer the process.’  Congratulations Sarah.

From Poland Seminary High School Gabbie Seifert.  She impressed us with her humble personality, drive for physical and mental health, and big heart for serving and helping others.  Gabbie always greets everyone with a smile.  We have also had the pleasure to have her be a part of our Iron Made Family for a couple years now.  Congratulations Gabbie!

This year we asked the following questions:
1.         Describe a circumstance in your life in which ‘Grit’ was cultivated.
2.         Do you believe in the concept of ‘Failing Forward’? Explain.
3.         Describe a time you became fully immersed in a goal you set for yourself.
4.         Do you believe there is a difference between motivation and inspiration? Explain.
5.         Do you know your ‘Why’?  If so, what is it, if not, how do you plan to find it?
6.         Do you believe there is a difference between passion and purpose? Explain.  Have you found yours?
7.         In your entire school career thus far, what are the top three life lessons you will carry with you?
8.         What do you want your legacy to be?

We then followed up with interviews and more questions.
Thank you to everyone who participated.  We loved meeting everyone.

Until next time Iron Made Community.

Best Regards,

Kevin Byers


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