Congratulations Jill // Benefits of Bands

​Happy Friday!  Welcome to the Iron Made Gym Newsletter.  Our goal with this production is to share information with our unique community that will help you reach your goals.

​I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all our members and friends who stopped in to sign our congratulations poster for Jill Byers.  Previously this summer she represented the state of Pennsylvania in the National Special Olympics in Seattle, Washington.  She came in 6th in singles and 2nd in doubles for bocce.  Last week Jill and Andrea, doubles partners, were honored by carrying the torch in for the opening ceremonies for the PA Special Olympics Western Sectionals for Fall sports held at Slipper Rock University.  Congratulations Jill, thank you for your dedication to competitive sport play and being part of our Iron Made Family, we are proud of you.

We have addressed the importance of changing the stressor, the main exercise continually to avoid detraining.  One of the ways to add variety is the use of bands.  Simple exercises to implement bands to would include:  shoulder press, bench press, deadlift, rack pulls, and good mornings.  In the Book of Methods by Loui Simmons, he highlights some benefits to band implementation:  accommodating resistance, added kinetic energy in the eccentric phase by out-acceleration, gravity, similarity to muscle and connective tissue, tremendous stability.  Try and see!

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Until next time Iron Made Community.

“Ego kills talent” – Unknown

Many Blessings,
Kevin Byers

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