Things I Wish I Would Have Known When I First Started Lifting!

Things I wish I would have known when I first started lifting:
1. Box Squat – This can be performed with a variety of stances, bars, and weights.  Using a box eliminates the question of “Am I low enough?”  I previously used to do more than 90% free squatting, but I have changed my approach the last couple weeks to more than 90% box squatting at various heights.  By using the box my numbers have gone up and recovery time has shortened drastically.  Dave Tate does a great job explaining techniques and advantages of the box squat in the article below.

2. Good Mornings and Deadlifts – I wish I would have been educated on these exercises when I first began training.  My preference on the good morning exercise is to use the safety squat bar.  This exercise is a great way to build your deadlift, without having to deadlift!  JL Holdsworth explains and demonstrates this exercise in the following link:

With deadlifts, don’t be intimidated. If you are an athlete, try to master the sumo deadlift. Ed Coan teaches the movement well in the following video:

3. Be willing to learn – It is said a fool never learns, a smart man learns from those around him, and a wise man learns from those who came before him.  I have learned a great deal from studying Louie Simmons and his Conjugate Training System.  To train optimally is the ultimate goal; what will get you the best size, strength, and recovery.  I challenge you to view yourself as average, malleable, and a learner.  I would recommend listening to the Westside Barbell podcast and also taking a look at the following articles on training:

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Philippians 4:8
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