Shoulder Rehab/Prehab and Bench Talk EP #2

Happy Friday!  Welcome to the Iron Made Gym Newsletter.  Our goal with this production is to share information with our unique community that will help you reach your goals.
If you have been training for an extended period of time odds are a shoulder injury has hampered your workouts at some point.  By implementing simple movements prior/during your training you can reduce the risk of injury as well as rehab ones you already have.  Eric Cressey wrote three articles called ‘Shoulder Savers Part 1, 2, and 3’.  I encourage you to read them and view the instructional videos attached.  He covers range of motion, avoiding what hurts, the importance of the Serratus Anterior, bench press technique, rotational exercises, use of bands, use of soft tissue work, and warnings for certain exercises.  You can read the articles here:

In the article ‘Myth and Misconceptions of Training the Overhead Athlete’ by Bob Alejo, he recommends a 1:2 push pull ratio, however usually programs a 2:3 or 3:4 depending on the client and history.  You can read the article here: 

Taking this into consideration, we have implemented an increased volume of internal/external rotations and band work.  We created a quick video of some exercises you can incorporate immediately.  Thank you Hunter for the help!

​Bench Talk Episode #2 was recorded this week with guest Mr. Nick Workman.  He is a senior at Springfield High School who has launched his own tech company ‘The Quick Geek LLC’.  This interview covers business, networking, life habits, and faith.  We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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