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Happy Friday!  Welcome to the Iron Made Gym Newsletter.  Our goal with this production is to share information with our unique community that will help you reach your goals. 

We have recently added a new piece of equipment called the manta ray.  This small piece of formed plastic is snapped onto a bar and used during squatting.  This piece offers the following benefits:  high bar positioning, increased distance from the hips which overloads the upper/lower back as well as the quads, and the increased surface area provided by this device gives many lifters a more comfortable experience.  Try it out and let us know what you think! 
I recently finished a book by one of my favorite authors, Patrick Lencioni, The Ideal Team Player.  There are three virtues of the ideal team player: 


  • the single greatest and most indispensable attribute of being a team player.
  • quick to point out the contributions of others and slow to seek attention for their own
  •  they share credit, emphasize team over self, and define success collectivity rather than individuality


  • almost never have to be pushed by a manager to work harder because they are self-motivated and diligent
  • always looking for more to do, learn, and take on


  • refers to a person’s common sense about people
  • has everything to do with the ability to be interpersonally appropriate and aware
  • aware of what is happening in a group situation and how to deal with others in the most effective way
  • they ask good questions, listen to what others are saying, and stay engaged in conversations intently

What makes humble, hungry, and smart powerful and unique is not the individual attributes themselves, but rather the required combination of all three.

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Until next time Iron Made Community.

“Don’t let yourself be controlled by three things 1. Money 2. People 3. Past experiences.
  Don’t try to control three things 1. Perception 2. People 3. Respect. ” – Jay Shetty

Best Regards,
Kevin Byers

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