Full Range of Motion (ROM) During a Lift

Today we want to cover a simple concept that is getting completely overlooked. Full range of motion (ROM) during a lift.  During a conversation with Mr. Frank Shaffer he pointed out there is a time and place for half reps.  I couldn’t agree more, and until you have a good handle on the movement you should not be doing partial ROM.  We are seeing this trend mostly with novice customers.  Let’s break this down specifically for our facility.
Squat – the lift will not count if the crease of your hip does not reach level or bellow parallel of the height of your knee.  Last week we talked about the importance of box squats and one of the advantages being: never questioning ‘Am I low enough?’  For a bar box squat, sit on the box first and check your level of your knee vs hip, and adjust height accordingly.  If hip mobility is an issue, start with a taller box and over the next couple weeks work your way down.  You can use the same method on the smith machine.  With the leg press and hack squat machines you need to be dropping to 90 degrees or lower.  Never compromise form for more weight.  Check your ego at the door.
Bar Bench Press – in order to get the most out of this exercise touch the bar to your CHEST!  Your whole body is used during a bench press: chest, lats, delts, triceps, and core/legs for stability.  By doing half reps you are missing out on the full development of your muscles as a beginner.  Like Frank said, there is a time and place for partial ROM. 
Those are the two main movements that needed addressed.  It is important to check your ego at the door and become a learner if you don’t know what you are doing…..ASK!  We have customers who have been training for 30 years and are still learning new things.  Never forget to have fun and fall in love with the process.  The following pictures from www.stronglifts.com simplify angles, depths, posture, and positions. 
​ “There are four types of coaches:
makes the simple, complex
keeps the simple, simple
keeps the complex, complex
makes the complex, simple.” – Mark Watts
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Theodore Rosevelt – “Far and away, one of the best prizes life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”
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