Exercise Variations

Happy Friday!  Welcome to the Iron Made Gym Newsletter.  Our goal with this production is to share information with our unique community that will help you reach your goals.

I believe so much of the excitement in the weight room can be attributed to creativeness.  The way a movement works and is felt by one person can be a completely different experience for another.  Finding variations that work for you should be exciting and help break up the monotony.  Here are some of this week’s exercise variations.
Ab hangers – pressing down hard on your elbows with keep your lats engaged and body elevated with 90 degree arms.  Descending slowly while keeping abs and back contacted will help reduce swinging.


Glute ham raise – this is an incredible test of hamstring strength.  Keep your knees dug into the end of the GHR pads.  When going down lead with your hips forward and under control.  When coming up be as upright as possible.


Cable side raise behind the back superset with machine rear delt fly.  We used this at the end of our workout as a finisher and did 3 rounds of 10 reps each.


GHR ab plate exchange twists – load up your plate of choice and take it to the other side and then back.  This exercise is a nice variation to the ab twist machine.


Sand bag carries – this is a great alternative to farmer carries with dumbbells or handles.  You can use the plyometric boxes as a pedestal for the sand bag to provide an elevated pick point.  To increase the difficulty pick from the floor. The sand bag weighs 200lb.  If you need a lighter implement, choose one of the punching bags weighing 75lb.


Close lat pull down – use the handles to provide a down and out motion.


Rope dumbbell front raise – place the rope around the head of the dumbbell and perform a front raise with elbows slightly bent.


Enjoy these variations!  We would love to see your favorite exercises and variations, tag us on all social media accounts.

Until next time Iron Made Community.

Best Regards,
Kevin Byers

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