Bench Press / Strength Gains No Matter The Age

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Let’s discuss methods for the bench press.  Three methods can be implemented:  maximum effort (when using a barbell do single reps), dynamic method (submaximal weights, 40-50% of max, with maximal speed), and repetition to near failure (implement every 4-5 weeks for 2 weeks in a row while using 3 sets with rest of 5 minutes between sets).

By using periodization for the bench press you can create a wide variety of exercises at our facility.  If we start with the variety of bars:  swiss bar (4 grips), axle bar, earthquake bar, and regular bar (implement 3 width grips).  Then we can add different ways of tension:  band single/double loop or under bench loop, hanging plates on the bar with bands, and pressing against bands in the power rack.  Consider exercise variations:  power rack press, pin press in the power rack with or without bands, floor press with bar or dumbbell, floor press using power jack stands, and all incline /decline variations.  Use creativity and have fun.  Remember always change the stimulus or detraining will occur.  

Weight training can be performed by nearly anyone.  In the article ‘Preventing Muscle Loss With Age’ by Jane Brody, she discusses the importance of weight training later in life.  She mentions the statistic that half the muscle loss can happen by the age of 70!  She also iterated a research statistic from Dr. Maria Fiatarone, “…eight weeks of “high-intensity resistance training” significantly enhanced the physical abilities of nine frail nursing home residents aged 90 and older. Strength gains averaged 174 percent, mid-thigh muscle mass increased 9 percent and walking speed improved 48 percent.”  No matter, what your age, or others in your life, we can all function better with a stronger muscular system.  You can read the entire article here:

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